This year the sub-theme of the fair, created by the artist Ertugrul Ates, will be again ’’ART GOES TO WORK’’, which converts the business world and art gathering into significant and important synergy.


Art-Science-Time. Throughout the history this concept has created different civilizations being in permanent interaction with each other, has created abstract-concrete values which keep us alive, and has determined the quality of our life. It is based on needs to spread out impact area of art in our days. These needs proceed from requirements to deepen mental climate of society, to spread creativity among all segments of a society which is able to generate added value. Time is a period which makes us feel importance of art and its influence in all fields of our lives. Conversion of this influence into added value is possible only by developing serious relationship between business and art. Turkish artists and business world are sufficient in this regard. Gathering of business world and artist will provide image of future. Moreover created synergy will affect in deep and positive way our life quality as well as brand creation and production of added value of Turkish Industry. ARTANKARA believed and realized this idea. Starting from today we can see more extensive development in the future and we can feel how this created excitement is spread around the country. I wish new hopes, creative ideas for our country’s art and World of business. Taking this opportunity I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all exhibitors.